CI - euros 18th place

brainstorm 332

I knew that I would be facing a lot of Whizzard so I decided to take CI, as they do not have much to trash here. I was hoping to face some Andy, so with no open servers Temujin wouldn’t give them any profit.

The plan here is to get Stynson on the table and get them at zero with expensive runs or with Reversed account, then activate Stynson for some Ultraviolet Level Clearence. Create a scoring server with 2-3 ices and score a Successful Field Test behind it. Unload all my ICE on HQ and the remote and start scoring without any tricks. Just playing some good’ol netrunner. The plan failed because I was thinking that I would get more cutlery decks and less Parasite which completely destroys the NEXT Ices.

Day 1

Game #1 vs Smoke – Win

Game #2 vs Whizzard - Lost

Game #3 vs Whizzard - Win

Game #4 vs Whizzard - Lost

Game #5 vs Reina Roja – Lost

Day 2

Game #1 vs Whizzard – Win

Game #2 vs Whizzard - Win

Game #3 vs Smoke - Tie

Game #4 vs Whizzard - Win

Game #5 vs Whizzard – Win

6 Jun 2017 adquen

How the heck does this deck win? NA behind mountains of ICE?

6 Jun 2017 brainstorm

That is a great question. I'll add some details later. I Just need to recover from those 3 FULL days.

6 Jun 2017 Icon

I love original ideas like this! A very interesting engine, Stinson + Reversed Accounts is really a genial idea!