Herbarts Hasty CI 1.2 (65th at Euros)

Klopstock 577

This is the Hasty CI I played at Euros to take 65th place, going 5-4 (I got a bye in Round 7, since my opponent dropped but didn't tell the judges, as it seemed), Runner deck can be found here. It is based on Shmeguy's Space Penguin CI list. My changes were mostly to the ICE suite. Since I expected a lot of Temüjin Whizzard, I dropped the Fairchild 3.0s and the Rototurret to go up to 2 Excalibur and 3 Mother Goddesses. Also, to support the Goddesses, the Vanillas became Paper Walls. I think those were the right calls for the meta at Euros. Also I took out the Lateral Growth, which didn't seem to do much for me and swapped it with a second Biotic Labor, which also did some work.

My results were extremely matchup dependant. I had 5 good matchups (3 times against Temüjin Whizzard and 2 against run-based Andy) and won them all - though some games were really close - and 4 bad matchups, in which I got slaughtered (Lock Hayley twice, Eater/Siphon/Keyhole-Whizzard and Reina Roja playing both Vamp and Siphon, with some DLR mixed in). I think at least the Siphon games are winnable, with some luck and good piloting, but a careful Hayley player is a really hard opponent and I didn't see any real ways to overcome the Clot-lock through numerous SacCons and Clone Chips, backed up by an Artist Colony and multiple Levys (which, aren't necessary normally, but mean you also can't win the war of attrition by slotting a Best Defense, for example).

In hindsight, I wouldn't have changed much. I think this deck, at least from my perspective, is quite close to as good as it can be. If you want a better CI-deck, you should probably switch to one of the two 7-point-variants (either the one with Estelle Moon & Successful Field Test or the one which compensates for the lack of Power Shutdown by simply drawing the whole deck as fast as possible).