Regret nothing, Rig everything (San Antonio Regional, 4th)

youngjastrow 25

10/10 would rig the results again.

Took a lot of people by surprise with this deck. Once Yog + Dedicated Processor is in play, Egret makes the server of your choice very cheap. Pipeline and Inti get much stronger with the processor as well.

Personal touch typically goes on Yog to make 4str ice easier. Plenty of Eli, Ichi, Lotus field out there. Egret takes the cake again.

Better in Kate over Kit for influence. Clot was good. Sac Con pulls double duty in this meta.

Armitage Codebusting, Political Operative were hot hot hot on the day. Very happy with the swap out of Daily Casts. I even had the dream scenario where I had only 1 credit and an Astrolabe draw pulled codebusting for me.

But the real all-star is Rigged Results. Punish the opponent for trying to rush behind one ice (or 2, if you have any breaker + SMC to Egret). It also greatly helps in closing out games once the ice starts stacking up on R&D.

Get in their head! My only regret is not having 1 system seizure for maximum synergy.

11 Jun 2017 Kopiok

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