Seider FA 193 on Euros 2017

5N00P1 644

This deck was 193 on Euros 2017, so perhaps you should not play it ;-)
This deck is based on the one I took to regionals (have a look for the description there) and based on some discussions I was changing it a bit. I was seening SanSan only in rare occasions so I thought I might improve the deck if I play 2 of them. Additionally Mongoose is breaking Architect for 3 Creds which is a big difference to Ichi for 6... so I thought it might be more beneficial to exchange them.
On top I exchanged Tapestry against Fairchild 3.0 to make the facecheck more punishing, when they click though i get the Econ back.

What I was missing hand during the tournament was ICE and Crisium Grid

My matchups where:
* Geist (2x)
* Smoke
* Maxx
* Heyley with Faust