Bonk - Cache Refresh Skorpy

otterstrike 13

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went 2-1 in a little store tourney yesterday. I shamelessly stole the Keegan Lane/KP Lynn interaction from the CTZ cache deck, but chucked some of my influence at Chiyashi and Friends instead of doubling down on Keegan. As a combo requiring two one-ofs, this rarely happens, but it's a good backup if they get to 6 and Hunter Seeker is off the table.

Macrophage was a last minute include that I didn't love, as the runner usually has more money than you, should have been a wall of static. Sapper was also last minute, never fired but I liked knowing it was there. Otherwise the list feels solid to me, in a perfect world you're safe in the beginning with gear checks, porous in the middle while you leak agendas to skorp anything that can break a barrier, and then invulnerable while you score out behind a Self-Adapting Code (or two, for criminals).

The two flexiest cards are probably Stinson and MCA, as the latter is more to keep Siphon pressure down by murder Aaron than anything else. Tag-me doesn't seem popular in cache, but Boom's just in case.