[SOCR2] Top 4 - Cache Refresh Builder of Booming RPC Nations

TyrellCorp 356

This deck did well in the Online Cache Refresh tournament, made the cut, and flatlined many a runner.

I've been designing Red Planet Couriers Government Takeover decks since the moment the card was spoiled, and I've brought it to casual nights and local GNKs ad nauseum for the last couple months as well as playing it on jinteki pretty much incessantly.

Here's one example from another player which I made some comments on: https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/44176/red-planet-express

The main combo we're going for here for the 3 people who haven't seen it yet is: Biotic Labor, install Government Takeover, (outside of Cache Refresh, this is where you ask your opponent if they have a Clot handy) then Red Planet Couriers 9 or more counters on to the GT, GG. This requires 9 credits and 9 advancement counters on ice or, conveniently, on Anson Rose. The proper name for this combo is "living the dream" - and if you haven't already scored a Hostile Takeover, you actually get to click the GT for three credits which is endless fun.

So the overall game plan to enable the combo is to keep money high while advancing ice and defending the known or unknown location of the GT. In other formats, you can move it around more easily with Fast Track and my personal favorite, Shannon Claire. In CR, Whampoa Reclamation helps and I've used it a few times, but I didn't run it here relying on Preemptive Action instead to defend against mills, and basically without few defenses against R&D multiaccess other than Cyberdex Virus Suite which I included for a few matchups.

Mass Commercialization is great to get lots of credits in a hurry, especially when you're at zero. Shipment from Kaguya, Priority Construction, Anson Rose get you the counters in a hurry, and on most of the ice gets you either a discount or a bonus. I've also used Orion and Mausolus, however this is my favorite ice mix right now. Wormhole for the extra strength although it does require you have something else rezzed, which is occasionally an issue.

For Cache Refresh since the GT location is less predictable, and because meat damage in general is not well-defended in the format, I added the Hard-Hitting News Scorched Earth BOOM! secondary win condition, and ended up winning far more games this way than by scoring agendas. Most notably two games in the quarterfinal, one after being triple-siphoned down to zero credits and topdecking a Mass Commercialization to be able to afford the BOOM!, and another Biotic-BOOM!- BOOM! through a J Mercs with 5 counters on it and a full grip. It was a combo I never expected to see happen and it was really fun when it went off, for everyone except x3rohour, who I hope will forgive me someday. These games were live streamed and can be seen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kMU-PxQohLA Boom highlights around the 24:00 and 34:00 marks.

The flexible parts of this deck are the number of Priority Construction, Scorched Earth, and if you know your opponent is playing tagme, you can drop the hhn and Data Raven and add a third Biotic Labor. I'd also mix in K. P. Lynn, Cyberdex Virus Suite, Contract Killer, and probably my favorite card, Space Camp - since you so rarely install cards in remotes, people run it 100% of the time and it's never not funny when they spend a click to add an ice advancement for you.

Thanks again to fighting walloon for running the tournament, all the players for having fun and being good sports, and especially the sansanfrancisco.net bay area crew for their support and feedback, I'm glad I stumbled into what is clearly the best meta in at least the northern hemisphere.

15 Sep 2017 Murphy

Make sure to watch the video Kevin posted in the description. There are a couple of amazing combos. Great job!

21 Sep 2017 tzeentchling

Loving the deck, very similar to what I've built before but some unique twists. Wormhole and Asteroid Belt seem less common - usually you see Fire Wall and Mausolus in these spots. Is it Priority Construction that makes these more viable? How do you ensure you have money before all the advancements and Mass Commercialization kick in? If you were to take this deck and make it post rotation, what might you change?

22 Sep 2017 TyrellCorp

I like the fact that both Wormhole and Asteroid Belt can be rezzed for zero and have relatively high strength, I consider them more or less economy cards. Priority Construction can help but I usually want at least one of them on a central, which Pri Con doesn't help with.

This deck is actually post-rotation compliant except for scorched earth I think, but from core 2.0 I'd include Project Atlas which can win the game on its own (it's hard to lose when you have 8+ atlas counters), and consider removing the HHN/Data Raven/Boom/Scorch cards, replacing them with CVS or other meta-calls.