Yellow Flash - Eindhoven Regionals 3th place (Swiss 2nd)

Argamas 15

All credit to Benticurus. What a joy to play! This deck went 4-1 in Swiss. And 0-1 in elim when I was exhausted after eight hours non stop play.

14 Jun 2015 Argamas

Oops, small mistake in the deck. Double Corp. Shuffle is 2x Closed Accounts

14 Jun 2015 benticurus

@Argamas Congratulations! Now I have questions to ask:

Did the Data Ravens pull their weight?

Did the fewer Midseasons without Corp Shuffle show up consistently enough?

14 Jun 2015 Argamas

Regarding the Data Raven, it worked fine. Early it's like an ETR, later you're getting free tags for your psycho :) I did want more ETR, but Quandary seemed to be to easy to parasite. Haven't found a better alternative.

Midseasons was not a problem. I lost once to a rich Whiz and once to exhaustion. I don't get to play that much, so after eight hours, I was not thinking any more...

I actually won once with the Sansans. I thought they would pull more weight. I think they do no warrant a place.

I played: 1 Whizz won 2 Whizz lost 3 Noise won 4 Noise won 5 Noise won Top 4 semi: Leela lost.

14 Jun 2015 Hrakleaz

About Quandary maybe 1 lotus field ? Cheaper than Toolbooth .. I removed 1 Errand boy and i will try it with 1 lotus field ... And the parasites are over. :P

15 Jun 2015 Argamas

Hmm. Could be an option. Errand boy primarily works as surprise, moneying up or drawing more cards to get the combo. Sometimes delaying the runner vecause he does not want to pay... Lotus field costs money. Maybe Little engine could be an option?

15 Jun 2015 Hrakleaz

Little Engine seems very good, cause you can take your money back after rezzed it. ^_^

15 Jun 2015 Hrakleaz

No shit, i read it wrong.. No its very bad.. .you don't want to give money to Runner, cause you have to win midseason. No way!