Tennin Reservoir

obscurica 1304

Designer Michael Boggs promised over Facebook that BOBSVAN was going to be addressed. Fair! On the other hand, durdley combos will always be a thing in tournament play, simply due to the emphasis on min-max reward structures that a competitive setting applies to a game. Some form of combo deck will rear its head up, designed to maximize winning impact while minimizing risk.

And running is always, always a risk. Player vs player interactions are by definition taking a risk in pursuit of a reward. It's safe to say that, unless the next MWL is very deliberately crafted to force certain playstyles, some form of durdley madness will eventually face you from across the field.

Then again, that's how fast-advance corp decks work. Score out of hand; don't leave risks laying about on the field. And that's where Tennin shines.

I used this core interaction in a previous deck: Mushin No Shin into a declared Project Junebug gives you a reservoir to fast-advance out Braintrust. But using it in Harmony Medtech: Biomedical Pioneer may have been an error due to the lack of space to "breathe," so to speak, as well as not using the right approach. Loading up on advancement tokens to feed into Reversed Accounts and GRNDL Refinery proved antisynergistic with Mass Commercialization, which made a bit of a wreck to its economy.

So if we boil down the gameplan to "make a tokens reservoir to feed into Trick of Light," then Plan B may be better. Like Junebug, it's an ambush that you can leave in an unprotected remote. Unlike GRNDL Refinery, you don't need to pretend it's a Junebug to discourage them from running and trashing.

Conveniently, since you don't need a scoring remote to utilize advanceable assets, you can now just put all your ice on centrals, then slap down Crisium Grids so that, even if they break through, you can still use Tennin's ID ability to load up tokens elsewhere.

And while you're setting up, they need to run -- or the imported Weyland ice only gets stronger and stronger...

Edit: Whoops. It was 2 Shipments, 1 Architect, to use up all the influence.