Weyland Institute

Krams 897


This deck was built and testplayed in a MWL 1.2 prerotation environment, but it doesn't really care.
It's legal for play pre- and postrotation, with new or old Core Set, all versions of the MWL and the rumored ban and restriction list.

Game Plan

Turtle up with advanced ICE. Score points glacier-style with ToL as FA backup plan.

Mind Game reroutes typically go to Archives.
Archive is ICEd when needed, typically the Ambushes are enough defense.

Agenda flood? Jackson replacement?
Well... 9 agendas out of 49 cards isn't that much, especially when a third of them defends itself and with 17 ICE protection usually works well enough.
Backup plan: Just discard a few agenda points and play Preemptive Action next turn to shuffle them back in. Most runners don't check every single discard, especially not with Space Camp or Breached Dome around.

Main Cards

  • Mass Commercialization is just plain awesome.
  • Priority Construction has huge economic value when used to install an advanceable ICE on top of an already defended scoring remote. Only 2 copies, because I usually don't want to see it early and the amount of target ICE is somewhat limited.
  • Trick of Light is my only FA option. I don't always need them, but if I do, I usually want to have 2 of these in hand to score a 4/2.
  • Ice Wall is a cheap gearcheck (always useful), Hortum is my anti AI tech and Colossus is just generally a strong Sentry. I need some advanceable ICE for my main plan and these are my choices. Wormhole or Fire Wall are fine ICE, but not really needed.
  • Nisei MK II and Obokata Protocol are just generally a good agendas in glacier decks. The deck isn't really built to maximize their value, but they help with the overall defense.
  • Breached Dome is usually just discarded as passive Archive defense, but can be used as run bait in the scoring remote as well, since Tennin can never-advance a lot of stuff. Why Breached Dome? Shi.Kyū isn't for free, Shock! rotates out and Space Camp costs influence.


Critics and comments welcome :)

27 Sep 2017 Sanjay

This looks quite solid.

I'm a big fan of Glacier Tennin and I'm always questing to get a version of it going that can compete with Remoteless Tennin. I really appreciate you posting this! It's very helpful.

28 Sep 2017 Akira.Mk3

Is it just me or do you seem to hate Resources A LOT?

28 Sep 2017 Krams

@Sanjay Thank you :)

@kcboy102 It's not just you... It's certainly possible to replace some of the resource hate with other stuf... Batty anyone?

28 Sep 2017 Sanjay

One interaction I haven't tested but seems positively delightful for Tennin:

If they take the deal, Shi.Kyū turns on Voter Intimidation.

28 Sep 2017 Krams

@Sanjay Interesting combo. But usually, I don't have trouble fulfilling the requirements for VI. If they run early and often to stop your ID, they'll probably eventually hit an agenda. If they don't run, they don't run into Shi.Kyū either.
Plus, it's not for free and doesn't trigger from R&D, which is why I like Shock!, Breached Dome, Space Camp and CVS (in central Tennin) more. Plenty of options :D