Harmony Looptech

Klopstock 628

I played this deck in a small tournament in Bremen, finishing second of six players, it went 3-0. All three wins were Flatlines through Snare! accesses in HQ, which happens, but is quite unusual in that regularity.

The deck tries to attack the Runner's grip, either flatlining them or leaving them unable to steal well-protected and iced-up Agendas. Playing Harmony Medtech ensures you only need to score two of your six Agendas, while you can oftentimes get off a Shi.Kyū to force the Runner to steal 3 of those six Agendas. You can normally hide one The Future Perfect in Archives with Shi.Kyu and Breached Domes, making it really painful for the Runner to attack it multiple times (Obokata could be put there as well, but you normally want to score them and, with enough draw, the Runner would be able to steal it without dying), also one Agenda is safe in a Mirāju'd HQ. Add the fact, that you can use Mirāju to stop Indexings (which would otherwise get around the spikiness of your R&D) and it becomes very hard for the Runner to win.

The natural bane of this deck is of course Film Critic. To combat it, this deck plays two Voter Intimidations. In other matchups, they can snipe valuable resources as well, but they are definitely Film Critic-Hate, first and foremost. Feedback Filter and Caldera may seem bad at first glance, but they are not as bad as they are for many other damage-focused Jinteki-decks. Obokata and Ben Musashi both can't be prevented, while Data Loop and Breached Dome attack the Runner's Grip with Meat Damage and without Damage at all, so Snares, Kakugo and Hokusai Grid are the only cards vulnerable to prevention effects.

7 Oct 2017 MikeJS

Interesting deck :-P

7 Oct 2017 Klopstock

Of course :)

Thanks again for your advice, it definitely made the deck better!

7 Oct 2017 haywire

Legwork into Shi.Kyū and double Snare!

Fun times ^^"