Vinegary CTM - GNK winner

Epimer 176

3-0 in a GNK (and the same on to "win" on SoS. Better lucky than good.

I saw @vinegarymink playing CTM with MCA Austerity Policy, Team Sponsorship and AR-Enhanced Security on and thought "that's disgusting. I want to play it." The Quantum Predictive Model were also "inspired" (stolen) from the matches I watched and then I threw in a bunch of cards that are good in CTM.

I saw a couple of people talking about similar lists in Slack, then watched @JackMade come second at Euregio with the same concept ( so thought there might just be something in it.

This list isn't optimised by any means. The operation and ice suite could definitely be fiddled with. I do like the agenda suite, though, particularly 15 Minutes; if it was any other one pointer I'd have lost two games at the GNK, and it's a great Team Sponsorship enabler and Exchange of Information target.

GNK games:

Game 1 vs Chaos Theory

I bled agendas in the early game, then got an AR-Enhanced Security sniped from behind a Tollbooth with SMC into Femme, to put my opponent on five points. Whelp. That let me land a Hard-Hitting News at least, which lead to scoring a Quantum Predictive Model and Exchange of Information for Project Beale (urgh) to take some pressure off, followed by a Closed Accounts. Things got better from there, but if my opponent had seen their R&D pressure earlier I'd have been toast. Better lucky than good.

Game 2 vs Adam

An Adam mirror!

I bled agendas early as Adam did Adam things to my centrals, but I did land a Hard-Hitting News quite early. I didn't have any means to capitalise on the tags, though, and Adam got to match point before I could stabilise. Best Defense taking out the turtle gave me a little bit of breathing space, but it was definitely squeaky bum time.

Then things got... weird. I spent at least five turns clicking for credits and trashing his board, then clicked for credits while setting up a lock-out on centrals. Once I had a rezzed Tollbooth on HQ, a rezzed IP Block on R&D and an Archangel on Archives, he couldn't get turtle tokens any more. I'd been planning to Psychographics out a Global Food Initiative in hand then the 15 Minutes, but top decked a Project Beale so I scored that for the win instead, from 7 credits exactly.

Had my opponent done a #yolo ABR run through the HQ Tollbooth it's very likely he'd have won. Better lucky than good.

Game 3 vs Ken Tenma

I bled agendas early. At this point I began to notice a pattern. I don't remember much from this, except that the MCA Austerity Policy did its thing and let me score out an AR-Enhanced Security then a small Project Beale then a big Project Beale. I think it was 7-6 (maybe 7-5?) in the end and R&D was very kind to me after the early bleed, even though he could waltz through the Resistor on there. Better lucky than good.

24 Oct 2017 leachrode

"Best Defense taking out the turtle gave me a little bit of breathing space"

Uhh, it doesn't look like there's a best def in the list, I assume that was a last minute swap with something else?

24 Oct 2017 Epimer

Oh whoops! It was for the second Exchange of Information.