Fast Advance IG 2.0

phette23 2212

A while ago I had a fast advance IG deck based around Agroplex, Political Dealings, and the Jeeves-Shipment from SanSan-Subliminal combo. I'd rebuilt it once with Estelle Moon & Daily Business Show as the engine behind Political Dealings and, as I went searching for something new to play, it occurred to me to revisit the list.

Basics: make Archives annoying, build up Moon counters while developing a board, protect centrals, use Moon-DBS-Dealings combos to score. There's plenty of counterplay to Clot: you can crack Moon at the end of the runner turn to install with Dealings, you can never advance while most runners won't check every new remote, you can install multiple CVS to purge through Clot lock (and recur them with Team Sponsorship).

Worst cards: Vanilla (which should probably be Himitsu-Bako), Enigma, 3rd Jeeves, Shipment from Tennin is meh, Allele Repression. What made HB Moons so good was the punishing ICE and it's much harder to find that for this deck.

Best cards: Architect, Crick, DBS, Estelle, Jeeves, MCA (though a one-of is probably sufficient, it's best for creating late game forks that let you score the last agenda).

20 Nov 2017 Sapph0

Yayyyyy I love this idea! I'm trying something similar. I like the protein source although it's a little risky, I'm playing FP, but I can't actually score them- it's just a self-protecting 6 points, which is maybe okay too. Is the deck generally too poor to play DNA tracker?

20 Nov 2017 phette23

My guess was I'd be too poor to rez DNA, I'm not sure though. Maybe one instead of an Enigma would help with the weak ICE suite.

The IPS is very risky but so easy to score. If timed right it closes out the game, if one gets stolen early you're in trouble. DBS really helps you hide them. The other scoring plan is to add 1 or 2 "Clones are not People" to combine with a 3/2 score. Another player in my meta is playing a similar deck out of Biotech so he can: Pol Dealings reveal Future Perfect, install it, flip ID to advance four times, gain a Jeeves , advance, score.

20 Nov 2017 Sapph0

I'm playing it out of Palana for the acceleration agroplex provides and I'm using clones are not people which works just fine with jeeves. I like the idea of biotech too. Runners might be more cautious and might not suspect it's the greenhouse until after the first agenda is scored. Cool deck! I'm very happy to see your take on the idea.