Kim Kartrashian

5N00P1 626

This is an Apocalypse deck inspired by Django that he played at Euregio 2017 you can see this deck in play here. This was an achievement tournament, so not typical competitive, one achievement was to trash as many corp cards as possible, what I managed with 40 in 4 rounds of swiss and I was able to get to the first place with this amazing result.

The idea is simple, get your heap breakers in the bin, get money disrupt his play with Mining Accident and maybe play some Employee Strike.
Then apoc his board state using DDoS and again. You should find the agendas in his hand or sometimes in Archives. As you hopefully have some Bad Pub, you can use it either to break the inner ICE or to install your heap breakers. The second question is, does the corp rez the inner ICE, when it will be apoced in the same turn.

Chop Bot 3000 was not working for me, the idea was to use it to make the heap breakers available again while getting draw. Same with Trope to get important cards again.

Omar Keung: Conspiracy Theorist can be used after you have apoced and the corp is trying to ICE HQ & R&D at least twice so you avoid it once.

Be careful with Inject it might tell your opponent about your plan.


  • Gagarin (win): Apoced his remotes and sniped the agendas out of his hand before he could punitiv me.
  • Jinteki PI (lost): Lost 2 apoc & trope due to a Snare and couldn't find my DDoS. Killed by a neural EMP.
  • CI Brain Rewiring (win): lucky Employee Strike so he need to discard lot's of cards and was not able to clear it. I sniped 2 Agendas early. I was not able to fire an apoc. But he rezzed all 3 Mother Goodes and I could snipe the final one from Archives which was loaded with lots of cards.
  • CI Brainstorm (win): couldn't find my DDoS but managed to trash an MCA Austerity. Rebirth into Omar for the apoc and stole one Agenda from hand & one from Archives which was apoced, before he could punitive me...