Sparknomic Sparkfare (1st, Eudemonia Store Champs)

Murphy 1388

This list is heavily inspired by Joseki's CtM list he won a local store champ with (

I saw Economic Warfare and remembered my pet NBN ID Spark Agency: Worldswide Reach. I threw together the list and it worked OK.

There are only 8 Advertisements. There should probably be at least 2 more Ads to justify Spark. The list worked out OK but I can't say this is any better than the CtM list. It probably isn't. I went undefeated with my Runner but this deck didn't actually get me that many wins. I also didn't practice with it at all.

Economic Warfare is a really good card though and obviously has potential in Spark Agency: Worldswide Reach. I loved watching runners try to play around it by sitting at 3 credits. That is just great for Spark.

I was playing this deck as if it has Psychographics in it all day long. I didn't realize I neglected to put in Psychographics. Oops.