Stinson @War (2nd SC Prague)

5N00P1 665

This is a Reversed Accounts, Bryan Stinson deck I got second at the Prague Store Championship 2018.
It is based on the one played by @ff0x at worlds, meaning compared to the world championship deck it plays:
+ Ark Lockdown + Architect + Turing
- Scarcity of Resources - Ichi 1.0 - Fairchild 2.0

I was not happy not seeing Bryan Stinson when I had the window and have seen @Pinsel playing 3 and this blew my mind. Additionally everyone is staying above 6 creds to prevent Bryan from firing. So I included Economic Warfare. On top I thought I should try to include Chronos Project. I did this by removing Ark Lockdown & Corporate Sales Team and thus including 2x Chronos.
So my changes are:
+ 2x Economic Warfare + Bryan Stinson + 2x Chronos Project
- 2x Shipment from Tennin - Reversed Accounts - Corporate Sales Team

Chronos won me some games, or gave me huge advantages, but it's not helping to win :-( so often you now need 4 agendas, which is a pitty or might be used by Heyley to forfeit it.
The Warfare won me some games, as it hit the players by surprise and usually my turn was: Economic Warfare, Ultraviolet Clearance, Violet Level Clearance = + 18 creds, + 8 cards, + 1 Install and the runner - 4 creds and thus their next turn was "limited" but I assume players will adopt to this too.

My games:
Game 1: Valencia + EStrike was forced to Biotic twice, got the MCA down with Jeeves for the win (1 - 0)
Game 2: Valencia + EStrike was forced to Biotic twice, once with Chronos to remove all 3 heap breakers. He struggeled to find new breakers except of one Fem. (2 - 0)
Game 3 (Krasty): Maxx on Counter Surveilance bad draw, bad luck and a Legwork + Any Means for 4 point + a deep R&D dig. My feeling was this matchup should be OK. (2 - 1)
Game 4 (adquen): Smoke + Critic Economic Warfare for the win including removing his Paperclip from the heap. (3 - 1)
I finished 4th.

Top Cut:
Game 5 (Krasty): Again Maxx I was lucky she wasn't. Running twice into Fairchild 3.0 enabeling Bryan Stinson for the win. As a Bonus I was removing 90% of his heap before he could Levy, but this was more a mental thing, then necessary. (4 - 1)
Game 6 (dome): Heyley on Critic Stimhacked my Jeeves & lost Clot so it was clear it's hard to get back. So I was able to use MCA for Elective Upgrade, but it was close at the end (5 - 1)
Game 7 (dome
): same matchup but I was not able to fire Stinson and had bad draw. A Reversed Accounts for 20 was just bringing him down to 12... should have used it to score an Elective Upgrade. Final lost as I had no way out. (5 - 2)

I wanted to try Economic Warfare which surprised some players for the win and it forces players to stay above 10 credits to prevent Stinson. But this wont work when they are aware of it.

Please ban CI!

13 Feb 2018 Longi

Nice take on the reversed CI deck. How do you evaluate the third Stinson and the Turing?

13 Feb 2018 5N00P1

@Longi Thanks!
I was running the version with FC2 only short, but when I draw the Turing early it's a nice way to protect your MCA as long as they are not able to break it. It stops Aumakua and they can't click through, on the other side it has no facecheck value. But it's 90% going on the remote, to protect Jeeves or the scoring remote.
The 3rd Stinson is more difficult I see more and more players trashing him and in this case I'm fine with it, as it's another asset where they pay 5 for the trash and discarding one is not an issue anymore. As said before it happened to often that I had a Stinson window, but no stinson in hand. and I would say it feels more consistent.