Who or What is The Economy? 4th MK SC

emilyspine 1346

4th place at the Milton Keynes 16 person SC. CtM doin CtM things.

Changes from the previous version:

  • I put in Economic Warfare but then took it out :alex:

  • I never rezzed Enigma so cut it

  • Jua was fun

  • Forced Connection didn't feel like 2 inf of value, I would probably try something else going forward. I've gone down to 2 Prisec partly because I can't find all 3.

  • NGO Front lets you keep IAAing in your awful remote

Beat Laguna Hayley, Origami Stimplant Wu and DDM Hayley, losing to Apoc Maxx and Seamus Val in Swiss. Lost an unlosable game in the cut to Johno on Seamus Val again, thanks to an extremely sick Turntable install.

19 Feb 2018 rotage

Congrats on the result, the turntable was the second rudest thing I saw that day, the rudest being you rusing me into the remote with NGO :)