"lol," said the scorpion, "lmao"

groenkaaf 1116

this is a mature deck for a mature meta. shedding a tear for EoI.

i've pretty much ignored the archetype entirely since sea source rotated but headline gives us access to the effect even at low cred totals as well as rounding out the agenda suite into an incredibly unfair use of GFI, which is rarely better than a 1-pointer for the runner.

we're heavily teched for maxx in the ice suite and the second eoi over the third hhn. adjust to target whatever your friends are on.

lostgeek piloted the list to a circuit opener victory and likely has a much better writeup if you're interested in learning how best to play this. suffice to say that we're mulling for bellona and jamming as fast and often as possible. DQs are situational and you shouldn't think twice abt overwriting the turn after installing. don't be afraid of very weird looking advancement and scoring patterns and be ready to pivot yr play patterns for the matchup and draw.

2 Jul 2022 osclate

love itttt

9 Jul 2022 Sanjay

Dang, two entire credits to get rid of a tag?

That's pretty tough but I think I can handle it.

Though I do think if it was any more it would be backbreaking.

9 Jul 2022 groenkaaf

a) not sure why jesminder is taking a tag in the first place and b) i'll have yr click too tyvm

11 Jul 2022 lostgeek

This deck has a main game plan and many weird different branches that happen, when you lack the specific cards you'd actually need at that point. The central fork is IAAing a Bellona in your scoring remote and threatening to EW + HHN them if they decide to run in and steal it. The problems begin when you are lacking some of these cards. At that point, maybe you need to bluff QPMs as Bellona.. Or sometimes bluff Bellona as a failed QPM and leave it cooking in the remote for a few turns while you set up other defenses..

Not having slots for NGOs means that every single bait is an agenda and weird scoring patterns are necessary to mask your actual scores. In the final game, I have even IAA'd a 15 Minutes without scoring it to induce a run, leading to the glorious sequence of click 0: Score 15 Minutes, click 1: exchange it for the win.

Use Jua to your advantage, as people have forgotten about its existence. And generally just lean into the weird play patterns and maximize confusion.

11 Jul 2022 groenkaaf

@lostgeek thanks for letting me bully you into doing a more detailed writeup and congrats on the win :P

11 Jul 2022 thebigunit3000

Jua respect. Says "fuck you" to Big Maxx way more than any Grinder deck or errant Ark Lockdown could dream of.

12 Jul 2022 SneakdoorMelb

Incredibly fun deck, thanks for posting. Every game feels really different.

23 Jul 2022 techgin

this was very enjoyable to play, thank you!