There's Always Money In The Yoghurt Stand

twisty_b 619

install, advance, advance

Is it an NGO Front?! Is it an SSL?! Is it a QPM?!

install, no advancements

Is it a Beale?! Is it a QPM?!

These are just some of the fun questions you will ask your opponents when you play Synconomic Warfare. Followed, often, by "Oh, you're on Misdirection as well?" And then by "What does that win put you on for the day?"

Did okay. 5-4 over two Store Championships, decent in all its good match-ups, but has nothing much in bad match-ups beyond hoping for a mistake. No unicorn card, which means there's probably a more sensible version of the deck with GFIs, but SSL is more fun. Also I scored one behind a Pop-Up Window. Go me.