Its good to be rich and lucky [9th @EurAfr, 6th after Swiss]

AxWill 291

Real life footage of denying econ from the corp while Rezekis tick: Rich runner, poor corp

This is the deck that carried me to the 9th place of Euros.

Credit where the credit is due: I had nothing to do with this list apart from piloting it. Thursday evening before submitting the decklists I didn't have a good idea on what to run so I was trying out different corps and runners on Jnet. That is when I played couple of games with Janktivist and we ended up discussing continentals. They were kind enough to share this decklist with me and based on the results it does work.

It is originally based on triorphs ID 419 with some tweaks and you can read more about general ethos of the deck over there. I'll just add some thoughts on card changes and general feelings.

  • Legwork da real MVP. Did some serious heavy lifting throughout the tournament and training games. With Engolo + Aumakua + Boomerang -suite the remote is seriously threatened. -> Corp tends not to jam -> Agendas pile up in HQ -> Legwork ftw.

  • No Tapwrm. It is true that the card would really play into the denial aspect of the deck as it requires an answer (purge) if the corp does not want you to walk over every server they have. Unfortunately with Engolo and Rezekis the memory just isn't there. Also Tapwrm + Aumakua is a nombo.

  • Engolo. This is a really strong breaker. With the paint ability you can constantly run with impunity and force rezzes or get accesses. Often you only need this and the turtle, which leaves nicely MU for 2 Rezekis.

  • Tech cards. Citadel Sanctuary, Hunting Grounds, Miss Bones, No One Home and Political Operative all have their uses in current meta. Sweetest moment of tech usage was trashing Giordano Memorial Field that seriously threatened to lock me out of remote. These are good provided you can find them.

Which leads me to the biggest area of improvement with the deck: it could have more draw. Don't get me wrong, it is a solid list that often somehow ends up winning even while you're just clicking to draw. It is just that in those matchups where you need some of your tech cards, it is not trivial to find your tools while non-needed cards can get in the way. Therefore I'd try to find some room for 2nd Earthrise Hotel or possibly DreamNet. Unfortunately slots are tight: 1 Special Order seems like the only card to cut, but two copies really help you to find Engolo and/or Turtle which are vital for the deck.

Stream vs Fake Points Sportsmetal

Huge thank you for all my opponents, Nisei team and everyone participating. Special shoutout @iceprisma for testing and preparing, Pinsel for mentoring, RTsa and v01d for tournament strategy tips and all of the Finnish team for the great team spirit and support.

27 Jul 2020 vesper

Well done and congrats on making the top in a very diverse and challenging field :-)

27 Jul 2020 Janktivist

Congrats, bud! Great work in tourney!