Gotta MoGo Fast (1st @ Hex & Co. SC)

analyzechris 370

Titan helped carry me to a 1st place finish at the Hex & Co. store championship in Manhattan, going 5-1 on the day. The only loss was due to an embarrassing agenda flood I inherited when I chose to mulligan away five non-agendas >_<.

The deck relies on a wide array of fast-advance tools, agendas that give you money, and a backup plan of Hard-Hitting News into BOOM! to punish runners who challenge you early. This meta features a startling lack Clot, so it felt like the right time to FA.

Early Game
Mother Goddess is the perfect ICE for the deck because you'll typically only need to protect one server at a time. Ideally you get Project Atlas, Hedge Fund and Mother Goddess in your opening hand and never-advance it to get the first counter of your Atlas Train. Oaktown Renovation is another perfect card to rush behind even without Hedge as it pays for itself.

The other part of this strategy is to get an early Illegal Arms Factory out so you can improve both your economy and rush capabilities. Your ICE is thin and porous and sometime R&D is just unprotected. IAF allows you to avoid an R&D lock because you'll always be getting one or two cards that the runner won't see.

Mid Game
Once you've score an Atlas however, you no longer need remotes. Simply find the second MoGo and pop in on RD, trashing the other upon rez. You can safely sit back and wait to mandatory draw fast-advance tools so you can use an Atlas token to get your next Atlas.

If you're new to Titan, the latest FA technique is Reconstruction Contract > Dedication Ceremony > Project Atlas, which, while a three-card combo is completely demoralizing when it lands turn one. Dedication Ceremony can still be good to shore up a central server and server as Trick of Light fuel.

Late Game
You're Titan. You should not allow the game to run late! However, if the runner gets a solid AI solution and a lot of Turning Wheel tokens or other strong R&D multi-access, you may need to get tricky. You can try to force runs and trashes against Reconstruction Contract behind some ICE to get their money down to Hard-Hitting News range, or you can try to get multiple FA tools to score out a 4-2 like I had to do in a particularly challenging final game against @skry's Valencia. If HQ is compromised, you may need to hide and agenda in archives and feign overdrawing with IAF.

Influence Notes/Changes
Trick of Light is fantastic, and there should at least be one, but the deck tends to make enough money to merit another Biotic Labor. Alternatively, a second/third Hard-Hitting News could be good in this Shaper-light meta, if only to tax the runner. I often win games because of non-lethal HHNs.

A similar Titan recently posted uses Reverse Infection, which could prove incredibly useful if Clot creeps back into the meta. Also you don't care about 2 credits if you're letting the runner go wherever they want, so Distract the Masses is a good card in this deck.

I think an extra Audacity would be helpful in scoring Atlases quickly or doubling down on FA for the 4-2s. A lot of people run Archived Memories, which would do double-duty for getting FA tools back and any trashed Booms/HHNs.