Hanging Gardens of Doom! (Kitara Cycle Cache Refresh)

DrApathy 66

This deck won four of five games in the Stimhack Online Cache Refresh Tournament 5 (SOCR5), which would have been great if my runner was even decent.

This is a pretty standard Tennin fast advance deck. Rather than double down on Shipments from Tennin, I decided to punish overly aggressive runners with Breached Dome and Snare!. Breached Dome is amazing, because it punishes runners who try to poke Archives just to turn off your ID. Being able to recycle NGO Fronts and Tricks of Light endlessly makes the deck sing, and that Weyland advanceable ICE is magnificent. Seidr Adaptive is amazing, only because there are no decent fracters in the Kitara Cycle Cache Refresh cardpool.

My only regret is that I never got to play Red Planet Couriers. I was thinking it could help score the last agenda if a game went on too long, but I never had that situation come up. Earlier versions of the deck had a Biotic Labor, and I'm honestly not sure how I would use RPC against a runner who was fully set up without Biotic. The card is really this deck's vestigial tail, and I could probably use that influence for better things.