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SneakdoorMelb 693

It's Jammy HB! I think Devil & The Dragon was low key really strong for good old Asa Group. It's my favorite tier 2 ID and this is a really fun deck that can do some gross stuff. The plan is to make a taxing remote and then jam at least one thing in it every turn, ideally two.

Card choices and sexy things you can do:

  • Install Bio Vault with Project Vitruvius and advance it twice. Bio Vault is pretty nuts in Asa!

  • Install SSL Endorsement with Ash and advance that twice! SSL is amazing for maintaining tempo, as is Corporate Sales Team

  • Endless EULA is a pretty awesome ICE in this kind of deck. For example, make your opponent run through two Endless EULAs (paying a preposterous 12 creds), hit an Ash and be very upset. Rob Curry suggested it because he is a cool and fun deckbuilder and he was right.

  • After they've done the above, use Bryan Stinson to fire UVC, which is the most click efficient, fun and therefore best thing you can do in Netrunner

  • Make your opponent run through Endless EULA turn 2 then hit NEXT Silver which ends the run for real and will cause sadness

  • Install Rashida and Jinja City Grid behind an ICE turn 1 to get paid and build a 4 deep scoring server for free on turn 2.

  • Since you install a lot of cards in this deck, UVC and Rashida are amazing to get you cards and money, and more importantly things you can slam jam.

  • Cortex Lock is occasionally very funny if your opponent realizes you're rushing and starts facechecking

  • NEXT Sapphire will draw you more cards (which is a sub goal of this deck) and then get you cards back from Archives that you can jam again.

  • Fairchild 3 and Architect are good cards

Would this be better in CI? Possibly, but you can get a ton of value out of Asa's ability in this deck. Plus the whole point was to test Bio Vault and Rashida in Asa.

Do you just die to Pirate (Hayley/Geist/whatever)? Yes. But it's winnable with the classic Netrunner strategies of bluffing and hoping they whiff on centrals.

Do you get rekt by Aumakua? Kinda, which is why we're going for a million subs on the remote.

Deck's extremely fun and seems pretty solid so far, would love to hear any feedback.

22 Apr 2018 Sedatedfork

I have been playing this a bit today. Love the build. Thanks for publishing.

23 Apr 2018 Sedatedfork

Also, I think Loki with EULA seems kind of good.

23 Apr 2018 Sedatedfork

Sorry for all the comments, but I like the deck and you asked for feedback. Ok, here are my humble suggestions for possible changes:

+2 Loki -- The Loki acts as an even better EULA with 7 subs and strength 3. Loki on the remote with a rezzed EULA somewhere makes the remote fairly impenetrable, particularly with all of the defensive upgrades. The one downside is now with my proposed changes you are down to only 14 rezzable ice (Loki is unique). This kind of is not great with Jinja, but I found that I typically had to pick either R&D or HQ to be porous on. Often this was HQ, since everything is getting installed. If you fear Legwork, you can put a CG on HQ.

+2 Crisium Grid -- extra protection for indexing, DDM, Countersurveillance, Legwork, and Apoc. This helps to support Bio Vault. Bio is more of a tempo hit and would often want to be saved for optimal effect, like winning the game.

+1 Architect, +1 Turing, Not sure if the 2 Turing and 3 architect is overkill. Could be convinced to go to only 1 turing and 2 architect, not sure what the other 2 ice would be though. Maybe rototurret? Maybe Ravanna? Ideally something multisub in faction. Those are the two choices I wasn't sure about. I needed more ice after the ice cuts I made.

+1 Ichi, Again, needed more ice and felt 2 Ichi's in this build seemed good.

-1 Cortex Lock, fun surprise, but often a dead card. This deck wants to set up quickly and needs to get from 5 points to 7 points. CL seemed like influence that could better be spent elsewhere. So I cut it and added in the CG's.

-3 Sapphire. This card didn't do as much as I had hoped. Some of the subs will fire providing recursion options (which other than vitruvius there are not any) and it adds next subs to silver. But since we are not going all in on Next, I decided to go a different direction and cut the Sapphire, which meant cutting the Silvers.

-3 Silver (see above re: Sapphire)

24 Apr 2018 SneakdoorMelb

@Sedatedforkawesome, thanks! I've gone back and forth tons on whether to go NEXT or not. My other version has FC2's, Vanilla as the gearcheck barrier and some number of Architects and Ichis. Agree re Cortex Lock (although I did get a flatline with it today) and Crisiums - previous versions had Crisiums but wanted to mess around a bit. The Loki suggestion is very cool and I'll try it!

24 Apr 2018 SneakdoorMelb

Non-NEXT version: