Revised Core Set: Anarch Teaching (1 Core Only)

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nchoong1 687

Start with Basic Deck Building process by combining all Anarch (32 cards) with all Neutral (15 cards). This is a good start but now I have 47 cards while the minimum for this ID is 45 cards. It's better to go minimum to increase draw consistency. Let's get to it step-by-step:

[1] Breaker of ICEs. I have a total of (3) Killers, (2) Fracters and (2) Decoders and (2) AIs. I have a mix of everything.

[2] Economic Engine. Generally 9-12 cards in total. In fact, I have 10 in total.

[4] Use Influence. This ID comes with up to 15 to spend. Use influence to import tricks to confuse and surprise the Corp or to shore up weaknesses in the deck. Here's my thought process for this faction teaching deck.
- added Femme Fatale for its bypass ability.
- added Emergency Shutdown and Forged Activation Orders to complement ID's str.
- added The Maker's Eye and HQ Interface just to throw off the Corp's tempo.
- added Mr. Li to improve draw ability as I have no other Tutor abilities.

[5] Cutting Cards. We have far more than needed to reach the minimum.
- removed Crypsis in favour of Darwin.
- removed Armitage Codebusting since Liberated Account is slightly more efficient and uses click too.
- removed Infiltration since there is too many econ cards.
- removed Force of Nature, Mimic and Morning Star one of each to reduce card count while having Darwin as backup.

Every card should be readily understood, and there should be a minimum of rules clarifications necessary. Enjoy!