Theory of Simplicity 5.0

Ulkrond 2016

Same deck as Theory of Simplicity 4.0 only modernized.

Laamb gets you through any ICE over 7 strength and Weird ICE. Savant at str 6 handles most ICE, 1 Multithreader can make breaking a bit cheaper. Drop Magnum Opus and Spam for credits. Emergent to immediately tutor out any pieces you need to make the breakers work.

26 May 2018 Ulkrond

Thanks Steve.

3 Jun 2018 gammanet

neat im excited to try out mopus CT again, though just looking at the deck i feel like it would want more draw

7 Jun 2018 ashtaroth

@Ulkrondcheck my deck! It's Code Scramble! Rielle Kit Peddler... notice me senpai ;_;