Owen 63

Asa is great. Let me tell you why.

Pair Asa with Jinja City Grid. Draw an ice, install it on your scoring remote, install an upgrade in that same remote for free. A pile of five upgrades makes a remote pretty intimidating.

Add some Ultraviolet Clearances. With Jinja and Asa, you often don't have to ditch anything, and you get econ and stronger defenses. I've played Ultraviolet with four other cards in hand, and drawn two ice, one upgrade, and one agenda. Installed both ice with Jinja, installed an upgrade with the first ice through Asa, and then installed the agenda with Ultraviolet.

Surveyor and Seidr. Oh, god. In a recent tournament, my scoring remote was usually 5 or 6 ice. When it's that big, you don't have to rez shit, people just don't even run it. And if they do, you don't have to have the money to rez everything - 5 credits for surveyor and they have to be able to break a 10 or 12 strength sentry or beat a couple of trace 12s. Seidr is similarly cost-effective even if you don't rez other ice.

Bryan Stinson is currently a one-of, but I'd consider making room for a second. Stinsoning an Ultraviolet is chef_kiss.gif.

The strategy with this deck is to have one enormous scoring remote. Jam whatever you get in there, whether it's an NGO, an actual agenda, or an Adonis. HQ can often be lightly defended, since agenda density is low and you're usually jamming agendas into the death remote. Second Jinja goes on R&D if you get one.

I'd consider changing some of the ice composition - Ichi and Roto might be sentry overkill, particularly since Ichi doesn't help early-game and the deck already has some painful sentries. Some of the upgrades could also be changed - a Bio-Vault could be handy for protecting centrals in a pinch, even if it's on the remote. It's more work that Code Replicator, but it could be worth it.

I brought this to the Colorado regionals and took 6th, with one corp loss all day. Curse you, Clan Vengeance!

24 Jun 2018 RepoRogue

Jinja+Surveyor is one of the major weaknesses of my 419 list, so I'm very glad I didn't have to face you on the day. Are there match ups you find consistently difficult? I'm working on a Patchwork Gnat deck with the ability to efficiently recur D4v1d, but it's not like you lack cards to bluff in your remote.

What informed your upgrade spread? Have you considered Bio Vault or is too slow?

25 Jun 2018 Owen

@Reporogue, I think econ denial can be a weakness if I don't play around it - the deck can end up poor with some bad draws, and while it can get by with relatively little money, it depends on being able to constantly build up. My only loss at Regionals was mostly through Clan Vengeance and letting the runner get too many Turning Wheel counters.

I have tried this out with 1 Bio Vault; it's not always useful but it can be clutch, particularly for hail-mary deep dig runs.

In terms of the upgrade spread, Jinja is absolutely key, and it's never a dead draw. If I get a second I stick it on R&D, and I've even put a third on HQ. Ash is similarly useful on most servers and cost-efficient. I'd consider a second Stinson if I could find the influence. Both Red Herrings and Code Replicator are cheap ways to add a lot of cost to a steal, either by forcing a re-encounter on a nasty ice like Surveyor, or by adding an extra tax. Film Critic hurts all of my agendas, so I like having an upgrade spread that mostly still works with FC out.