I Will Be (2nd Place Rochester Regional)

Neph 201

The day after I learned how to play Netrunner (as soon as I looked at the full card set) I fell in love with Kit. Elegantly breaking through ICE has always been what I've thought of as the core of Netrunner and Kit does it in a unique and fun to think about way. I've brought her to almost every SC+ level tournament I played in the last 4 years (usually without too much success) until Inversificator hit and I think this deck is about as good as she has ever felt for me.

Nothing too fancy here, a good code gate breaker and econ to keep it running. Move things around, make servers a nightmare for your opponent. Logic Bomb can get her out of those tight "Shit that isn't a code gate right now" spots. Gebrselassie lets you keep that Inversificator purring.

Admittedly, I hadn't played much in the 10 months or so before this regional and I chucked in Ika, Kyuban, Logic Bomb, Kasi String and Gebrselassie without testing. I think all of them except maybe Kasi String worked as envisioned. If you prefer Mad Dash, or Freedom Through Equality for your extra point those seem like reasonable things to switch it for. Kyuban is a real workhorse when you can pass that ice more than once per run.

Now the maybe obvious weakness: Not much multi-access and no real tag removal or kill protection. I will say I left Tinkering in out of habit, but with Logic Bomb I never felt like I needed it and would definitely swap it with some protection. As for multi-access, that's what I found really hard to fit and would need some actual testing to mess around with.

Strategy wise, you want to get Inversificator and some money out ASAP. Start controlling ICE placement as soon as you can. SMCing an Inversificator sucks but sometimes its what you need to do. My finals match I think I waited too long to try and draw into it and I couldn't play as aggressive as I would have liked.

And that's it! I've always thought about publishing a list when I did alright with her, and this is the first time I ever have. If anyone uses this list, I hope you have as much fun with her as I do!

15 Jul 2018 aunthemod

Kyuban is the hotness.

5 Aug 2018 josephlaizure

Kyuban + Inversificator is an inspired choice. I'm curious: do you think the logic bombs are essential to how the deck functions?