Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games - Turin Regional - 8th

koga 627

This is the deck I brought to the Turin Regional (22/07).

This deck tried to replicate the feel that a beyoken EtF deck gave me almost 2 years ago, and while it did well in testing, it didn't really perform that well on the day going 1-3 getting carried by the way better refined US Nats Geist deck ( At the beginning it was a pure rush deck, but went a bit more horizontal as time went on. Also, I don't really like Jinja in this kind of deck, as I feel it is a bit too fragile. I personally think Jinja does way better in one of those 6-8 Agendas decks (Azmari, Mti, ASA), not the 11-14 Agendas Sports.

I was expecting a lot more CV decks, which I feel this deck does reasonably well against because of the speed it can reach, but instead faced different builds. The main issue I see with the deck is the ice suite. In the next iteration I could very well see myself cutting the Surveyors, FC3 and Remote Enforcement for the NEXT suite and 2 Foods, as it makes finding agendas a little bit harder while lowering by a lot the rez cost. Also, big thanks to beyoken again for suggesting the include of Team Sponsorship, which helped a huge amount during the games when I had them down. Will definitely up them to 3. There's been multiple occasions where you can score an agenda, draw 2 for the ID, reinstall AAL from Archives, drop an advanced card in the Arella remote and install some ice or rashida (or just get money) with AAL ability.

Round 1 - Leonardo (Kit): The first round went pretty smoothly. I think I got AAL into rashida eula on the remote + lateral architect on hq, and then went on to score pretty quickly. He was on Engolo Tapwrm and couldn't go too fast because of the many icebreaker installs.

Round 2 - Brian (Hayley) Second round was ok, and actually really enjoyed playing against the only American guy at the tournament, but I had always feared Pirate Hayley (and I was right, as he went on to win the whole tournament). Agendas just didn't come in the way I expected them to. Strength 6 Surveyors, Najjas (he trashed his inti for reclaim at some point) and Architects slowed him down enough, but he got the 2 pointers while I got to 5 points with 4 agendas. Yuck. My last turn I scored a Chronos Project locking almost everything out, then he ddm and found the last 2 points he needed for the win.

Round 3 - Damiano (Valencia) The third round the deck got kind of stuck. In theory, that's one of the matchups where you should do good (because Val is pretty slow), but somehow I drew 9 or 10 ice VERY early, with pretty much no agendas, while he had earthrises, injects and multiple casts. He wasn't on CV though, so that wasn't something I had to worry about. I slowed down a lot trying to tax him, clicking for credits a lot, but in the end he just found the agendas before I could score them.

Round 4 - Roberto "Darta" (MaxX) It was nice to end the tournament by playing against one of the people from our meta, as we knew each other's corp decks. Runners were pretty different from the usual though. He was on regular Reg-ass maxx, no CV but DDM, which meant that he could go a lot faster. Also, he played 3 Pad Taps, which are an absolute nightmare as you often don't have enough time to pay 3 and a click to trash them, and they provide an incredible amount of money because of the id, assets, operations and hyperloop. He dropped 2 Data Foldings and two Pad Taps pretty quickly, and kept pressuring so that I had to rez lots of ice to defend the many agendas in the deck. His economy proved to be a bit too strong for me, and couldn't keep up in the end. Probably half of my turns were spent on just clicking for 4 credits with Jeeves, which he didn't bother trashing because he could keep on triggering Maw. Again, I just lost to single accesses over the course of the game, while being able to get to 4/5 points, same as the other games I lost.

It was so nice to be able to participate in the last official italian tournament (no National for us sadly). Atmosphere was so nice and everyone was friendly. 10/10 would do again, if only I could.