Not the CI you're looking for

Rezalbyks 124

This is not the CI deck you're looking for. Played my friend's list at Nats and was asked not to share. Good day!

23 Oct 2017 5N00P1

so why are you posting it? Seems dumb! You can claim at ABR without a deck!

23 Oct 2017 Rezalbyks

@5N00P1 I wanted to claim my Runner deck without claiming my Corp deck and seems like ABR doesn't let you leave one side blank with just the ID. Do you know of a way? Maybe wait till you know the intention of others before resorting to name-calling to feel superior.

24 Oct 2017 5N00P1

@Rezalbyksthank for your explanation, I'm sorry, but I was really disappointed about this spam here! I've opened an issue on ABR about this and hope in the future it's possible to claim with only one deck!


You may delete my posts, I'm totally fine with that!

24 Oct 2017 Rezalbyks

@5N00P1 No worries, I understand the need for the lack of spam as well. Thank you for posting the issue on github! Glad we could sort this out.