SkorBios v2

mcg 766

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This deck dropped just two games across two regionals, making the cut at Stockport, so I think is as solid as most other corp choices around now.

The game plan is the same as before. While the runner is cautiously playing around Skorp, throw out some Bio-Ethics and hopefully ping something good from their hand. When they hastily rush in to trash it, use EconWar and HHN to tie them up. Or if you don't find the Bio-Ethics, just rush out while the runner worries about those non-existent Hunter Seekers.

Quite a few changes to the last build. The agenda suite has been changed to something you can actually score and use, rather than just hide why you try and kill. Rashida added to find things faster. HPT instead of Boom. An ice suite that doesn't fold as soon as the runner gets set up. Formicary is probably the oddball, but I thought an 'almost End the Run' on a sentry for two credits was worth experimenting with. It was... okay. 24/7 was the last include as a way of leveraging Armed Intimidation but I didn't use it at all, so perhaps those pips could go elsewhere.

5 Aug 2018 NtscapeNavigator

Formicary was a lot more useful vs me than you thought, as soon as it went up I backed off running scared that the remote ice was Formicary and would jump to depend an open archives that I couldn't break without taking the damage xD, but while it's passive is interesting I think the fact the runner chooses, it's porous and some runners want to take damage at the moment, makes it just fall short of what it could have been.

24/7 armed is a small love of mine though, won so many games with it into EMP after they tank the 5 damage xD.

Nice unique skorp deck :)