Apex Profiteer

archmage 80

Built on a whim, this Apex isn't about the spicy orb of combo-enabling, nor is it hell-bent on destroying its precious rig. No, this Apex is a stab at good, honest, money'n'breakers Netrunner.

The gist is thus - it's a Pawnshop Apex without the Pawnshop. It's way too risky / prone to deck swing in my experience, so this is an attempt at building something a little more consistent, if a little less powerful. You still have Wasteland + Reaver + Chop Bot for what works out to be a slightly weaker but far more consistent source of income. Without Assimilator (an intentional choice), you can freely use your ID for chop fodder, typically your bin breakers or spares of your uniques.

Magnum Opus is my spicy include here - I feel like with just a single Mopus, Apex's whole setup becomes a lot nicer. You don't have to rely on Wasteland - if your rig ends up being two Reaver, a Chop Bot and a Mopus, you can happily cycle through your deck until you find your breakers, then ease off on the Reaver gas. You can even sell Reavers with Chop Bot instead of MU-trashing them for optimal efficiency!

Reboot is in here for Chop longevity, as are the Harbingers. Ultimately, without Assimilator, this deck does have an expiry date, meaning you'll need to trash a bin breaker, then run to reinstall it if you want your Wastelands to continue turning profits. At that point though, you're probably set up and out of deck! This is where I expect Mopus will shine.

Hunting Grounds is in there for ducking nasties like Tollbooth and Data Raven. Be super careful popping it; there's no way of getting cards back if they end up under the bus.

The Shadow Net is mostly there as a meta call and also a resource you can actually play. I might replace it with a Turning Wheel if it doesn't work out.

I've already had people telling me I should cut Mopus, run Assimilator, run Falsified, a couple of other tweaks. To that, I say BAH. I've spent enough clicks assimilating stuff, I want to see what it's like to live as a predator without a sunlight addiction.

Playtesting notes and revisions to come eventually once I get around to playing this.