Lady Gaga-rin

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On the corp side of PoS 2018 team Fun Guaranteed*'s theme allowed for much more creativity, as we attempted to take unpopular IDs and make fun decks out of them. But even with a such a broad scope I was struggling for inspiration.

That was until I listened to the most recent episode of Run Last Click, where they discussed some 'other ways' of getting power counters on to Lady Liberty, and the oft cruelly overlooked Helium-3 Deposits. From this the seed was sewn and all I needed was a plan.

That plan was simple*: Score a Standoff. Install, protect and rez Lady Liberty. Add a Helium-3 Deposit to your score area. Get Government Takeover in hand. Let Lady tick over to four counters and appear useless. Then just Biotic, 24/7, fire Helium-3 to place two more counters on Lady, then add Government Takeover to your score area. Suddenly 'step one: score a 5/3' doesn't seem so mad.

Believe it or not this plan almost worked once. The Helium-3 and Standoff were scored. The cards were in hand. Lady Liberty was on three counters. And then the runner rudely stole the GT. Gutted.

But despite that a lot of fun* was had. Highlights include:

  • Causing Andrew to burst out laughing before folding into an existential crisis when he Indexed and looked at the top five cards.

  • Having at least one reader in every game.

  • Actually placing power counters, twice, with Helium-3. That five advanced Quicksand was not to be messed with.

  • Having officially* the worst hand of all-time with three 24/7s (with nothing scored), two Preemptive Actions (with nothing in the bin), and a Vanity Project (with nothing to do, obviously).

  • Scaring but then entertaining Judge Millie when complaining about the runner rudely stealing seven points in one run, after Spy Camming GT and Mad Dashing.

This deck only won one game (when my opponent generously faceplanted both Archer and Tithonium to reset their game state twice) but is the most fun I've ever had playing Netrunner. Followed closely behind by the rest of the President of Servers tournament. I hope I get chance to play in another.

27 Aug 2018 same old things

Best game of the whole Nats weekend. Never have I been so confused after an indexing!