Braindead (Swiss #52@German Nationals)

Vortilion 10

This Deck went 6-1 in Swiss, which I'm very proud of, as it was my first Netrunner-DM ever.

The Battleplan is creating a scoring server installing a Mumbad City Grid and a Marcus Batty and also installing at least three pieces of ice, preferably with a Komainu or Brainstorm as the outermost ice. Why? Because if the runner runs on this server, you use Mumbad City Grid to swap the outermost ice. With each swap the subroutines multiply, with the second swap it usually has about 9-15 subroutines, which is almost impossible to get through. Only weaknesses so far are Hunting Grounds (which is very rare) and Icebreakers which break all subroutines at once, like the Sunny Breakers, Laamb or the Pirate-Stuff.

Another win condition is a kill of course (we are still playing Jintekti here ;-)). With a combination of Obokata Protocol, House of Knives, Snare! and Punitive Counterstrike there are plenty of ways to flatline the runner. In german nationals this actually happened in three games. One game the runner (Maxx, without breakers in his bin) ran uniced archives, I installed Brainstorm, he was down to a Hand Size of 0 and Snare! did the rest.

It is a rather unusual Mti Deck, as I noticed that many opponents where surprised by the ice and Agenda-choices. I guess thats what makes it even stronger.

Won against: Geist x2, Reina x2, Maxx x2, Lost game against Sunny