An Honest Day´s Job Smoke (2nd in Vienna regionals)

Longi 1550

I`ve always liked Smoke and her unique dynamics. So, when the Clone Chip was freed from MWL and the archenemy (Scorpios) nerfed, I decided to give her a whirl again. With Smoke, the slots are more precious than the influence. Therefore, inspired by Odol´s Ultimate Smoke, I decided not to play any current to save precious spots and base the economy on operations. Because of MTI, I opted for Day Job instead of Dirty Laundry. As for resources, the only one I must install when facing Scarcity is Net Merkur and sometimes Film Critic. The rest can wait till I clear the current by stealing agenda. The only hate cards I play are Misdirection and of course, Film Critic. I am not a controlling player and I want my deck to be fast and simple. Get money, find breakers and start running. Therefore, I play three Net Merkurs and prefer Dagger over Switchblade. During the tournament, I was really happy with the performance of the deck. The two losses I suffered were super close (I always lost on 6 agenda points). The only questionable choice for me is three Indexing as this card simply does not work for me (on the tournament I played it 6 or 7 times, finding only one agenda). But I guess this is just my long term personal curse.

3 Sep 2018 Odol

Well done! I totally agree with Day Job as a meta call, even though influence is extremely precious.