NAPD 1 vs Many - Win on turn one because fuck the police

Shiiuga 1193

When the ability text of the NAPD Cyber/Detective Bureau ID was revealed at Magnum Opus over the weekend it occurred to me (and I think several others) that there must be a way to win on turn one with the right combo of cards. Trust Netrunner players to get a new toy and immediately find a way to break it.

The night before I was playing on day 1b I couldn't sleep so I hashed it out in my head and here is what I came up with:

The ideal opening hand is: 2x Team Sponsorship, 2x Calibration Testing, 1x Breaker Bay Grid, 1x Arella Salvatore and some combination of 3x 2 point agendas and 1x 2 point agenda, 15 Minutes or Gene Splicer. With those exact cards you can win on turn 1 as follows:

Setup: Install & Rez Arella and 2x CalTesting in the same server and 2x TeamSpon in separate servers. Click 1: Install Breaker Bay Grid in the Arella/CT server. Click 2: Install any 2 point agenda in the same server. Click 3: Advance the agenda. No click: Trash the CalTestings, score the agenda, install another one with Arella, recycle the CalTestings with the TeamSpons, rezzing them for free with BBG. Rinse and repeat 2 more times and you win.

Everything that isn't one of the above cards is in there to pad the decklist to 40 because cops love rules but also act as tutoring for the pieces you need:

  • Tech Startup is TeamSpon 4-6 and will let you install it before the turn begins
  • Executive Boot Camp will grab you the TeamSpons in a push or a Splicer if you're missing the last point.
  • Executive Search Firm will find Arella
  • Biotic Labor gives you an extra click to draw cards with. Seeing as you only need 1c to advance the first agenda you don't need to worry about the cost. Clicking for 3 cards should hopefully find you what you need.
  • Shipment from MirrorMorph will give you an extra click of draw if you need it to find the pieces. The credit sucks and means you can't play it after playing Biotic but you need a legal deck and it seems better than just including 3 cards that don't do anything.

I don't suggest sitting down across from three people you actually want to play the NAPD format against with this deck because it either wins on turn one or loses but it's a fun thought experiment that I will definitely try once in my Frankenstein-esque Netrunner laboratory on a dark and stormy night in Bavaria.