Tech Glacier - Worlds Top 16

aandries 1506

When you want to play everything, play everything. Fast advance, glacier and traps. End game is unrunnable servers with possible traps behind them. Failure to run results in SfT scores. SfT is your counter current.

"Suffering" under employee strike is a luxury. It tells you the runner will run out of cards or money, eventually. Installing FC is almost a total waste. This deck nullifies the most popular Restricted cards. Ark to create locks or battle Levy.

Aiki is the best card in here, it should read play a psi game bidding 0 and rarely 1. It allows you to win every one of the games that matter. If the runner is playing psi with 5 or more cards, make them draw. Their hand size is your enemy, discards at the end of the turn is still damage.

13 Sep 2018 BlackCherries
13 Sep 2018 aandries

Good looking out, updated.

14 Sep 2018 spags

A beautiful build that unfortunately hit the Shapers in the cut.

5 Oct 2018 Vocke

Nice build! I love it.