Klopatchstock Maxx (26nd at German Nats)

Klopstock 575

I played this deck at the German Nationals, finishing in 26th place, one win short of bubble town (which wouldn't have helped because of a pretty bad SoS). My Titan deck definitely fared better, getting the reverse of this deck's score (2-4). Going into the tournament, I felt that Maxx was a fast and really solid deck, with a couple of bad matchups. What I did not factor in was that Maxx was all the rage and all Corps have some kind of plan against Maxx. So while Maxx is a really-good jank-beater, she struggled against many top corps, while not even having really crushing matchups against other top corps. And this reflected in my tournament performance. In the first round I had a Regional bye, but in the second and third round I lost against AGInfusions, which is a hard matchup with just one turtle against Excalibur and no Strike to turn off the ID. I lost both games. Then I faced Asa, which should be a relatively easy matchup. I went up to five points quickly, got set up very well and was in a dominating position. But then I milled my Levy after already having milled all three Same Old Things. I sharply lost steam from that point on, fruitlessly poked R&D a couple of times and then went for it when my opponent Install-double advanced something in his Remote. With DDoS and Stimhack I figured I'd have a shot at getting the Agenda. Unfortunately, I broke into the Remote with exactly 0 Credits, couldn't steal the Ikawah and then died from the Stimhack. The next round I already needed to sweep to have chances to make the Cut and I had to play Titan, which is also another really bad matchup. But I was incredibly lucky. My opponent locked me out of HQ and R&D with Enigmae and I couldn't find my Black Orchestras, but he also couldn't find his Atlases. When I found the Orchestra around turn 8 or so, I fired off an Indexing, which naturally found the first Atlas. Checking Archives a couple of turns later earned me 2 GFIs taking me to matchpoint and when my opponent went up to 5 points I ran HQ and found the winning New Construction. This more than made up for the bad luck in the game against Asa. In the last round I played eventual champion Pinsel and didn't really stand a chance against Sportsmetal combo. Without Deep Data Mining, there is not much Maxx can do, besides hoping for really lucky steals, which I didn't get.