My other car is Porsche, my other deck was SNACS (20th at Wo

AxWill 342

Not a lot to say here, this and SNACS carried me to 20th place of the Worlds. I lost tiebreaker round to my teammate sokka234, so better one of us won that game, no questions.

There were three other Zahya players at the Worlds. Here are their lists for reference:

Compared to other lists already posted here:

  • I elected to go with the Lucky Charm instead of Slipstream. Slipstream can be hard-countered with Crisium Grid and Border Control on RnD. I don't like to be shut down permanently, but how many decks have both and can install them in time is meta-dependent. Eric went with 1 slipstream and 1 lucky charm, that might be the right choice now that I think of it.
  • No Embezzle. Even though this is probably my pet card, my thinking is that NBN: Reality Plus will likely play Market Forces or Self-Growth Program as soon as they draw them, so it does not improve that matchup a lot.
  • Aumakua, this was probably a wrong choice. Austin cut the turtle and played Sneakdoor Beta. I cut the sneakdoor since I already had archives pressure in Aumakua. As Austin reasons in his decklist description, Aumakua usually does not help that much and you're better off pressuring where you can. Sneakdoor OTOH helps the Sportsmetal matchup tremendously.
  • Inside Job, there is about 1-2 flex slots in the list depending on your slipstream preferences. I opted for inside job, which really helped on the day. Would definitely play again.

So I'd change -1 Aumakua +1 Sneakdoor Beta and possibly also -1 Inside Job into +1 Slipstream as it almost always makes Counter Surveillance plays so much cheaper even when no Border Controls to play around.


  • Special thanks for team Unband for all the support, it was really great to meet you all live for the first time!

  • Special shoutout to the other three players taking Zahya to the worlds. Always be (self-)tagging!

  • Thanks for everyone at the NSG for the great weekend.

  • And as always, thanks for everyone in the community for making this game and the Worlds weekend so great!