Lazy Liza 3.0

5N00P1 677

This is an iteration of my Liza builds trying to improve it.

I used this deck to play on Slovak Nats (3 - 2, while playing 3 kill decks) and in a Berlin GNK, where it went 2 - 1 the loss against a kill deck). So beside the kill deck matchups I would say I'm very satisfied.

Many many Liza builds out there, so read the descriptions there. I'll talk about what and why I made it different.
Often experienced players try to lock you out and the main ICE for that is IP Block and other barriers like ICE wall (yes really) which are hard to combat with Aumakua. Resulting in me femming them sometimes to get into the game.
Realizing this, I decided to include Paperclip as it allows to break it not for free but make the lock out harder! I haven't regretted this choice as it means after some runs you can break IP Block for 1 credit & 2 tags and they need to purge again.
The second choice was Employee Strike I included it for the Mti matchup and it pulled it's weight. And included "Freedom Through Equality" as an additional 1 pointer. Not sure if it's worth it, but I needed a replacement for Mad Dash.
Counter Surveillance is kind of a dead card as no one is expecting it. And that was what I was assuming and it was as well as a game closer against Mti, when they are close to a lock out, you can Counter Surveillance for 10 - 15 cards, which should usually give you the win.


  • Special Order is a good card when you play against some one who is trying to lock you out, mainly Glacier
  • Credit Kiting only having 2 sucks, you want to use them for your expensive breakers, not having one available when you need it
5 Dec 2018 Longi

Hey Snoopi, nice deck. I totaly agree with the Estrike as a way to beat MTI. I myself have a bit different Liza deck. I want run as much as possible and keep the corp constantly poor. Therefore I play three Emergency Shotdown and instead of Paperclip I use Saker (it saves the influence and the derez effect is really helpful). To support my running strategy I play also 3 Datasuckers as they complement the Aumakua. Because of that I decided to exclude the Bankroll as the memory requirements will not allow it. Also my experience with Counter Surveillance is not that good as the amount of money and number of tags sometimes do not meet. I use Indexing instead of it, or sometimes Apocalypse and they both help to close game too :) Anyway, long live to Criminals!

5 Dec 2018 5N00P1

I generally agree about the running aspect, from my perspective it's more supported by Bankroll and breaking IP Block with Saker is close to horrible, 6 to break, 2 for the derez and 4 for the reinstall. You need to have the corp really close to 0. While they rez it again for 2. And when you have Datasucker counters you can also use Aumakua. And my feeling is, either I have enough Aumakua counters or I'm purged so Datasucker never felt that good and it makes purging even more valuable. I've played with it a bit both Saker & Datasucker and it wasn't feeling good enough. Has this Saker thing really worked for you?
I also think Bankroll is important for the NBN: Controlling the Message matchup when your accounts are closed. This will change with the new MWL, as this deck.
Regarding Counter Surveillance it's true it can be hard, but against Mti when they get the lockout you can money up with clicks, Sure Gamble, Rogue Trading especially when they trash it and they can't have a Nisei MK II token. But you should be able to get the creds in 2 - 3 turns and it helps to have a loaded Bankroll ;-)

5 Dec 2018 Longi

Of course Saker isnĀ“t there to derez IP block, but I worked well for Kakugo (also saves you the net damage). The Datasucker helps usually with the akward strenght boost when needed. Virus purge was not a problem at all. It slows corp down and the Aumakua + Datasucker combo is back in game in no time. And they cannot keep purging forever. Actually MTI and other glaciers were the least problem as de-rez (Emergency Shotdown) of hefty ices (DNA tracker or Anansi) was often spine-breaking. But I see your point with Bankrolls, I just abandoned them after testing.

7 Dec 2018 5N00P1

Thinking about your comments I might consider multiple Datasucker as it really means getting Aumakua online (especially on centrals) very easy and disencourage purging. I will hate to lose my Bankrolls but when the lockout is harder this seems tempting.
From my experience Mti has a good chance in locking you out. When they get ICE like IP Block, Envelope & Anansi on Centrals this creates a bad situation, as you can't break Anansi efficiently. Emergency Shutdown helps, but only if you get it in the right moment. In my last Mti game, Paperclip was my MVP!