Berlin Fork 2.0

5N00P1 643

Based on my latest Iteration Berlin Fork (1.0) I thought how I could improve it, as sometimes my econ was struggeling and I don't want to run that often. So the 2x The Turning Wheel was swapped out for 2x Career Fair and I removed a Same Old Thing. This made the game much smoother. But I decided I still want one Turning Wheel in the deck and stood with 46 cards.

To be able to chellenge 2 deep remotes (without a barrier) you need Surver, so this is crucial. But you need also Virus Breeding Ground, Patchwork, econ, draw .... so often I struggle with something important and the corp is on 5 points when I have my setup ready. So my feeling is, this is not fast enough. Played it in a 8 people GNK, Lost against a very fast Asa and a Sportsmetal. Won against RP and ACME. I think it's partially due to my missing experience with this deck, which could still be improved.