RUDE DECK again - 1./13 SC Augsburg, Germany 4-1

Tradon 73

First at all: I simply stupidly netdecked boreiras Deck - all Credit for it goes to him! look at his description at:

I wanted to play somethign "faster" and wanted to do kill just because I thought it to be fun :) - and so I would have had more time for organising the SC --> I took the most recent cool looking Outfit-Kill-Deck I found on here I then played a few testgames on one evening on jnet - running into boreira who instantely recognised his deck and tore me apart xD - then we had a nice bit of chatting

Regarding the SC and the games: first: thanks to all attendees - as the bavarian region is struggeling with too few players for a while now - I'm very happy that alltogether 13 people showed up to play the dead game today

I played against:

leela: kind of locked him out of running at all until he had no choice anymore and ran into reversed - hhn - boom 419: i made a really bad misplay of playing consulting visit into hhn with too less credits to deend myself properly - so i deserved this single loss - should and could have done much better things

Akiko Nisei: my opponent had some issues because of a deckbuilding error - so the first game was no real thing - afterwards I allowed him to do proxies for the rest and we made a rematch - timed win and shortly before hhn him - so it looked good either way

Jesminder: my opponent built some stealth suite but at one point I locked her with reversed into hhn and then trashed all her resources - in the end I think I had her on hhn and boom again right in time - or i won timed or something - bit blurry there

Leela: i started with 2 Hostiles in 2 turns and then i installed two times City works naked with enough money to dare him into the punitives - he stole the second one because it would have been game anyways - so punitive it was

all together the deck won 4:1 - and the loss was more my fault

it's brutal - it's rude - and I loved it :D

17 Feb 2019 boreira

@Tradon Congrats on your performance! Happy to hear the deck was RUDE

18 Feb 2019 hemraa

How important did you find the GFI's ability? I've been thinking about dropping them for SSL Endorsement in this deck.

18 Feb 2019 Tradon

I didn't have the feeling it was of much importance - you want to kill or lock your opponent anyways

I guess the money of an occasional SSL is worth as much as the extra agenda they need after a stolen hostile - just try it with SSL I guess