Flippin' Spy Cams

ntahfs 423

All These Flippin Cams! camera-19223_960_720.jpg

Here's the good news...

Using spy cams to draw is nice, but getting another draw with them is even better, and clicklessly installing them is mastery. And why not add a classy filter on that vulgar amount of card draw? These things really get you moving! Flip switch is great to get an emo guy running with unabashed disregard for what might be lurking under those scary unrezzed ice. At worst, these little guys mean you clicked to draw instead. But, they also pull double-duty on traces. Setting a 4-strength ash trace to 0 or putting an annoying amani senai in her place feels good. And as if that were not enough, why not throw in a 3rd possibility? What if you get caught with a hard-hitting news? Pull a switch or two to gain money and draw while stripping away those tags. You dont usually need them immediately, but you can install permanent icebreakers for those games that run you out of trashables. But, the dinosaurs are money positive with a few tech traders hanging around. (BTW grappling hook is amazing against alien tour guides!) Abagnale gives you the option to use it like any other Geist trashable, saker lets you get around the blue sun shenanigans and the kakugo damage, and bukhgalter is a new card that can be efficient in the right circumstance. They are all solid breakers, and they're all in faction!

And now for the bad news...

This deck has no multi-access! It requires liberal use of spy cams to cherry pick your runs. Otherwise, you're hitting HQ or remotes more often. So far I'm unimpressed with grant, but its a cheap current. I almost never install it. But hey, it's a good choice for your discard when you overdraw like mad!


Enjoy the deck, and share your stories of domination! Cya! o/

27 Mar 2019 ntahfs

Just a word of warning... Jnet has some bugs in the implementation of two of the key cards in this deck. As of today, you can work around these issues as follows:

  1. When using Levy, you will have to rejoin the game and use "/draw 5" in order to finish using it.
  2. Masterwork tends to malfunction after the first hardware is installed. It may draw additional cards on other installs (e.g. resources or programs). You can simply use "/deck #" in order to put that card back on the stack. Depending on what you and your opponent agree to, you may want to shuffle each time you do that.
27 Mar 2019 internet_potato

Seems good! A couple of suggestions (not based on playing this deck, but having played a lot of SpyCam Geist over the years).

  1. I like "Freedom Through Equality" as a current that works well with spycam
  2. Hostage and Easy Mark (over Sure Gamble) help to hustle you past the early turns before you have traders out and become wildly rich.
  3. Falsified Credentials is super helpful for preserving your limited-use tools if you have to camp the remote.

I've gone back and forth on 1 LARLA vs. 2 -- aside from grinders against PE/PU, I rarely need the second one. With extra influence I might try to find space for Clone Chip or some good ol' Stimhacks. Na'Not'K might be another candidate (I have no idea how often Bukhgalter beats it).