Black tree - 1st place Tallinn GNK tournament

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7 Apr 2019 v01d

This is my take on the Swedish 1000 cuts style deck (,) went undefeated in our GNK tournament. Stock Buy-Back and Medical Research Fundraiser were included because of the Data Loops, which I enable Snare! and protect Obokata Protocol. Saisentan flatlines runners and is a decent tax.

The tournament went as follows:

  • first round bye and boredom

  • second round, against Kabonesa Wu: Netspace Thrillseeker. We had only ten minutes because of the previous game. I scored out 3 3/1 agendas while the runner was setting up some shaper bullshit stuff. I snatched two breakers and he conceded after I Scored a Chronos Project. I lost a friend there but got my 3 points. That's the way of the black tree.

  • third round vs 419. I was really hoping to see my Psychic Field but it didn't happen. The runner went up to 4 points neglecting whatever game plan he had and committed to a HQ run with 3 cards in hand to find a Saisentan. The turtle was weak, I called "event" and he flatlined. Happens I guess.

  • last round vs Akiko Nisei: Head Case. I misplaced the ice and with only one Aiki on R&D was bleeding 1 pointers like a fountain. The runner was seeing a couple of fresh cards per turn most of the times and had a decent board presence despite all the net damage. I landed some Snare! but it wasn't for the kill :( . We were 6/6 when the runner finished the turn with a Self-modifying Code out, most of the deck in the bin and some 10 creds. I was holding a Biotic Labor and a House of Knives on 7 credits, after passing on triggering a Snare! during his last run. I have lost another friend there (who doesn't play Clot apparently) but, again, that's the way of the black tree.