Freedomsucker Chiseling

Qris 47

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8 Apr 2019 ntahfs

Not sure if it's the intention of the deck to enhance chisel with datasuckers, but datasucker does not work with chisel. Chisel triggers on encounter, but datasucker can only be used after Chisel has already checked strength.

9 Apr 2019 Qris

Indeed - Datasucker was doing double duty here as 1) a great card and 2) a pseudo-Virus Breeding Ground to utilize Khumalo's ability.

Chisel seemed like a flavourful include - ultimately throughout the tournament I only chiseled one ICE though :|

I want to test:

-1 Ice Carver (Datasucker does it better and doesn't screw up D4v1d)

-2 Chisel

-1 MemStrips (Fun thematic card in Freedom but ultimately useless)

+3 Mining Accident / maybe En Passant?? as you can trash the outermost ICE when people don't rez to prevent Hippo.