Can I get a deck count please? (1st@ 2 SC’s)


With downfall and system core we where given a lot of great net damage agendas like Fetal and sting. This combo’ed with the PE means that every time they steal an agenda they will be taking at least one net. The rest of the deck is mostly net damage like neural and complete image and recursion to get them back.

Depending on the runners deck this decks game plan can change quite a bit. If you are playing against a slower deck like GPI Az you want to try and rush agenda’s, most preferably house knives behind a single ice. This allows you to force them to either check the remote and face the consequences or let the agenda go. But in a more normal machup like run based Leela you just want to go slow and use attitude adjustment to keep yourself from getting flooded. Then when they start running you can start to bring them down.

All that being said this deck is definitely weak to certain other decks like GPI Az which once it gets its net taps down is practically unbeatable. However this deck is weakest two people who now how to play against net damage and can be very conservative with there cards.

Overall this deck is pretty strong but definitely has some bad matchups. Also note that the Saisenta should actually be a swordsman.

26 Apr 2019 CaKnuckleguy

How well did Complete Image do for you without any expose-grip effects? To me, it seems like expensive Neural EMP four five and six.

26 Apr 2019 BECKETT28

I mostly used it as another neural since you pretty much need as many net damage cards as you can get. It is also great after the runner has stolen a fetal or obo since you can possibly wipe the hand and if your lucky kill them.