Yes Siphon Whizz is Good Fun (2nd in 2 Eternal Pods @ Euros)

swabl 337

Wanting to play in Eternal pods at Euros but having no idea what a good Eternal deck looks like and with no time to try and build one myself, I petitioned the fine folks of #uk for a runner deck; @extrac obliged me with an old Siphon Whizz list of his, and I said "good enough".

The only significant changes were to add in the 3rd Account Siphon (as his original list was built under the good ol' "let's make problem cards mildly more expensive instead of addressing the actual problems" MWL) and then forget that Employee Strike was a card while I rejigged the three leftover influence.

This list could easily be better than it is, but turns out spamming Siphons and Keyholes can carry even bad players on sub-optimal lists who don't know what they're doing, such as myself. Good, degenerate fun.