West German Regional in Aachen - 2nd Place - Havanna Runna

JackMade 2534

This style of deck is the style I really like. It carried me to second place at regional in Aachen, only losing once to a "silly" Tennin deck, where I died to Punitive Counterstrike. So in total I went 3-1 in Swiss and 2-0 in the cut beating said Tennin Deck (played by @Pinsel by the way).

Alright! Kyuban!

I just gonna go over some choices that are interesting:

Crowdfunding as Restricted card of choice:

The only real other option is Film Critic in my mind, which is very good against all the hard to steal Agendas like Obokata, SDS, SSL and so on as well as turning off Punitive Counterstrike. Crowdfunding is just better in general because it synergizes very well with the overall deck plan of running a lot and making money out of it. Most of the time, Film Critic is just a comfort pick to not having to deal with these agenda scoring problems.


The idea was that it should be good against border control if you have to run into a remote more than once so that you could be saving a lot of money there. Also interesting with kyuban on big strength ice. In the tournament, I did not use it once and consider cutting it. I had already thought about that card back in 2018 for my Smoke deck for German Nationals but discarded the idea because i felt it was too situational and was remembered by @ryanbantwins Smoke deck that won in Antwerpen. Seems like my first impression still holds.

Only one R&D Interface and one TTW as multi access:

Early game you don't want to draw expensive late game cards, so reducing as much as possible was a very good choice in my mind. I would play a second TTW if i could though.


I still don't get why people don't like this card in Smoke, it is so busted in so many situations and totally solves the Smoke problem of not having enough real credits. 2 was the perfect amount though, since early it is a little unreliable but it becomes really good as soon as you have some breakers + Net Mercur.


Kills any HHN Threat out of HHN-Decks which there are a lot of. Key against Argus, CtM, Sync, etc.

Switchblade over Dagger:

Switchblade is much better if you have a lot of stealth credits. It also single-handedly solves the Tour Guide problem against asset spam and with Gebrselassie it is even good against Surveyors and Anansis.

Corroder as Fracter:

Better than Blackstone and Gauss since it is not weak against 4 Str. Barriers which the best Barriers are (i.e. IP Block and Eli). Fine against everything else. Only downside is the 2 Influence which could be used very well with another stimhack and another TTW.

All in all, I had a blast playing Smoke again. Viva la revolution!