Damon Abuse 2.0 (Regional 4 - 0)

5N00P1 644

This deck went 4:0 in the Nürnberg 2019 Regional, which was great... but my runner was going 0:4..... happens.

This deck is based on my previous Damon Abuse Deck combined with this Asa Deck, which abuses Mason Bellamy + Heinlein Grid to make an unrunnable server. The big elephant in the room is, Heinlein Grid & Jinja City Grid are both Regions & you can't install both of them in the same server, what an issue! I decided that you usually can score to matchpoint easy and usually you want Heinlein for the finish move and this come unexpected and you only want it late game. So you trash your Jinja when your remote is like 4 - 5 ICE deep and it worked out on this day.

The basic idea is the same, install Jinja City Grid play your draw Rashida Jaheem & Violet Level Clearance + Blue Level Clearance and create Servers of doom and make money. Score an SSL Endorsement early or let them steal it and us your ability to get money or draw, what ever you need more.

Mason Bellamy alone let's you finish with Ikawah Project but now you can go deeper, add Heinlein Grid and it really becomes unstealable! The main issue is, they might be running somewhere else! So be prepared. Of course Surveyor & Border Control make it also very hard to run your servers.

I exchanged 2 Ash 2X3ZB9CY into Mason, as I thought this would be good against Apoc too :D they will love it.

Game Report

Game 1 Richard on Kit

I did not draw my econ & Jinjas so I was clickicking for credits to much, but him stealing an SSL got me the money I needed, to score out.

Game 2 Cahuita on Leela

I was really afraid of this matchup as Leela can screw you. At the start I was not finding my Jinja City Grid which was an issues too against her. My opening was 2 Domestic Sleepers in hand and I hated myself for that choice and decided to score them, as otherwise Leela might steal them in the worst moment and bounce the win out of the scoring remote. That paid out, she wasted a Falsified on it, assuming it's an Assett and I drew my only Project Vitruvius afterwards to score it too. I was to afraid of her bounce, so no overadvance schenagians. She stole an SSL and installed Equovocation + Freedom, I was really afraid! Found my Jinjas placed the 1st on HQ to prevent DoFs, the 2nd on R&D to not lose. Scored an Ikawah and needed to survive 2 more turns, where I used one, to install a Surveyor on HQ. It worked out, I was proud and lucky and hopefully some skill was included.

Game 3 Saan on Wu

He had a good opening so I was rushing like hell to get the win. I got to game point fast, he stole an SSL and I kept jaming for the win.

Game 4 KNT_HLZ on Heyley

Same as my game against Saan, just Jam, he was not finding ProCo & Aesops, 1st time I realized this happened to my opponent, usually it's only me. He tried to run my scoring remote for my victory, but don't want to break Border Control with Heinlein Grid & Mason Bellamy rezzed, sweet 5 credits.

Thank you for my opponents it was fun playing you and you all got also a win from me!