SOCRX Winner Sportsmetal Slam (1st out of 59)

Longi 1548

People usually finish their deck description with thanks to the organisers. I will start with it as SOCRX was really a long tournament and @Sanjay and @lostgeek sacrificed a lot of their free time so the rest of us could have fun. Shout out to you, guys!

This was my second online SOCR tournament and I enjoyed it a lot. The tempo (one match per week) is just fine and gives you time to think about next match and proper side-boarding strategy. You also get to know (at least a bit) the other players because you have to communicate with them in order to find time window that matches their activities and respects the time difference.

As a corp I chose to play Sportsmetal as I like to play fast. I am really not a good and patient glacier player. In the swiss it went 4-1 losing only in the first game to Reina piloted by @Sokka234. In the cut, however, it lost all games. For the last final match I even decided to change the strategy completely and switch to Fake Points build. It did not help much. Luckily my Leela won all the other games and helped me to get there. Corps really had hard rough time in this tournament.

At the end I would like to thank all the participants as well, since you guys made this tournament pleasure to attend. Greatest community in the game industry!