No koffiekoeken for you! - Belgian Nationals 6th Place

Slowriffs 726

I am still playing Leela. I will never stop.

I haven't been playing a lot recently but I have been experimenting with a credit denial based leela list for a while, and I predicted the meta to have a lot of asset spam and argus and build my deck accordingly. Bankroll and Aumakua to gain tempo on "wasted" runs, Mining Accident for bad pub to keep trashing assets.... But I was wrong, realising the night before the tournament that Palana is actually really good right now and glacier is pretty strong I panick-added a Kati Jones which was really fortunate cause this card kept me in the game quite often.

I think this is quite a strong build but in the current iteration it's hard to beat glacier decks sometimes and some work needs to be done here to make the matchups a little bit better. Cutting Datasucker for Rezeki should be a good start.

In swiss the deck performed alright (and very well vs non-glacier), beating Sportsmetal, Argus and Azmari. And losing to Palana, and RP (where I flatlined myself on an unrezzed Anansi for no good reason). In the top cut I lost a very close game against @Manicmoleman's Aginfusion that really could've gone either way (and he eventually won the entire thing), and lost to Rotages super scary Blue Sun. (Won't be going into any detail here as players might wanna play these decks at worlds.)

Thanks again to @Clusterfox for organising the tournament, @Ayyyliens for borrowing me the "Deuces Wild", and everyone else for participating!

Congragulations @Manicmoleman for being the new belgian champion! Good luck at worlds everyone!