Murder Mirror (CoL - Worlds 2019)

5N00P1 665

Together with my friends in team Princess Space Kitten I took this to the Crown of Lasers event at Worlds 2019 in Rotterdam together with Apoc Wu. We decided to go all Murder Corp & all Apoc Runner and I had to play HB & Shaper! (Why?)
So I've got a tipp in looking into a deck CodeMarvelous was playing on steam and decided I transfer it into Mirror as the 6 credits Sports give you (3 Agendas scored or stolen before you win), you can easily make with Mirror. And I love the interaction with MCA Austerity Policy and other cards like NGO Front.
Biggest regret that I could not win the MirrorMirrorID!
But you could watch our team mate Saan playing on Stream in round 5! So we made it to the 3rd & table one during the tournament ending as 12th which was already over performing.
I've changed some pieces removed Best Defense, Macrophage, Excalibur, Rashida Jaheem, Biotic Labor and switched from Ikawah Project to Voting Machine Initiative. This was a bad switch as I never scored one! Added more ICE and another Load Testing. Not sure if removing Rashida Jaheem & Biotic Labor was a smart move, to be honest.
Without practice this was a hard thing, but I managed to kill 2 runners and one found the winning agenda on top of R&D before dying.... and playing lot's of shapers...
Thank you for all my opponents!

Match 1 don't know his name on Smoke

He was so rich and made me richer with PioT. But I managed to steal 2 of his clicks + 4 tags. His run on R&D saved him from a Rocket right into his home....

Match 2 terrificy on Val

Strong start for him, until I was able to MCA Austerity Policy, Load Testing, Hard-Hitting News him, with BOOM! waiting in Archives.

Match 3 iref on Heyley

Putting down Tech Trader turn 1 closed the game for me, it was a matter of time. Keeping him out of the remote was not possible.

Match 4 Rieley on Quetzal

That was a tough matchup they was able to run just with pelangi & the ID and have a strong game, until I got an Architect on R&D. I would have been able to score with MCA Austerity Policy but also assembled the kill. So killing it was. "So I have 2 clicks & 4 tags correct?" "Yes".

Match 5 Rezeki Wu

No time in the sun, getting his Rezekis out fast the game was already lost due to his econ being so strong.

13 Oct 2019 zmb

This deck is a lot of fun! Just not for the (alarmingly high) amount of rage quits i have had, when you play LT + LT + HHN :D I have zero experience in piloting Mirrormorph -could you elaborate on what great moves you have had so far with ID except gaining a credit?

14 Oct 2019 5N00P1

@zmbthank you for your comment. In fact I think MirrorMorph: Endless Iteration is currently often a poor mans HB: EtF and I'm fine with it! It gives you more credits then Sportsmetal: Go Big or Go Home and this is what I was looking into.
Besides that you have the combo potential of MCA Austerity Policy that let's you opponent 2 turns to challenge it, otherwise you can score a 5/3 from hand.
There are some things you could do, but honestly not so much in following the plan. As your combo is Load Testing + Hard-Hitting News it's not so easy to fire that with MirrorMorph: Endless Iteration.
One thing I missed is, you can fire MCA Austerity Policy and after that use your click to even more compress them with Load Testing + Archived so they have only 1 click left? And even Shapers can't clear the tags with misdirection.
Not sure that answers your question. Of course you can have a turn like: Click MCA, install NGO, advance NGO, play IPO but it's rare and the deck can't really capitalize on that.